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Bringing Forth Children in an Age of Selfishness *

Geplaatst: 13 Feb 2007, 19:54
door Bert Mulder
God is sovereign! Not only is He sovereign in salvation, but He is sovereign in our families. He will determine the number of children we will have, despite our attempts to the contrary. He determines the size of our quiver. There are those who actively seek to keep from having children, but the children keep on coming. There are others who do not want children and are more effective in their attempt at limiting the size of their families. How do we explain the fact that couples are able to plan the size of their families today with increasing success? While we cannot judge motives, we can say that, where the motive is selfish, this is evidence of God giving men and women over to their selfishness. God gives men and women over to their love of money and pleasure. If you want only one or two children so you can have a bigger house and a nicer boat, God gives you over to that selfish way. God gives men and women over to their vocations and their pursuit of earthly fame and glory. This is an expression of the judgment of God upon sin and sinners.

It is difficult to have a large family. There is tremendous cross bearing required of both the husband and the wife. There are many tears and sorrows and challenges. We may never minimize the pain and suffering of a woman who bears a child for nine months and is called to endure tremendous pain and labor to give birth. Never minimize the many years of struggle and prayer required to raise each unique child in the fear of God. The sorrow of motherhood is a heavy weight that mothers are called to bear. The mother must give her life away for the sake of her children. The father needs to sacrifice his own desires in order to work hard for the support of His family. God blesses them, not in the way of removing the struggles, but in the way of giving grace to bear those struggles, and to know peace with God’s will. God gives that blessing in the way of prayer and submission to God’s will.

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